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Log of the SPACESHIP Earth, 991117
17 November 1999

    Wednesday: Anchored in Admiralty Bay, Bequia, St. Vincent

    Lenny has been building since 991114 south of Cuba.  Lenny is predicted to move east below Cuba, then Dom Rep, cross P.R.  Our engine is partly apart waiting for parts  We went out for lobster pizza last night  at 4:15 this morning swells are starting to come around the corner  we are hanging on the bulwagga anchor with 120' of chain  very little wind here, just swells from the hurricane 300 miles away  reports put Lenny moving east, but should cross Puerto Rico.  Pistachio, Bob Law's catamaran, is pitching and plunging  we are plunging and rolling. We are too close to shore  Rudolph comes in dinghy to put out 45 lb. anchor to hold us offshore  we are grateful and think we are safe  we empty 4 buckets of fresh water that slosh around the cockpit  then the swells become larger and very dangerous  young man boards out to Pistachio swims back to dock  he runs up Schooner's dock to shore just before the dock washes away,  Pistachio is leaving, swell breaks under her, she is almost airborne.  Ferry and tugboats boats are leaving the town dock to anchor out  green water swamps us, salt water on bimini top, 4" in cockpit,  one bucket full of salt water, another half full (see wuc notes)  Taxi #1 with Glen comes and offers to help us.  We pull 45 lb anchor up onto deck and Taxi tries to tow us out.  we let out more chain on bulwagga but are still to close to shore  we slip the bulwagga & 300' chain; Taxi tows us into deep 60' water dinghy painter broke, Glen told us our dinghy had gone ashore  Ed and Glen put danforth and 35lb anchor over on one rode  swells are breaking where they come from 40' to 15' depths  12 foot swells are continually breaking where we were anchored  surf is spraying upward 30 feet when swells hit the shore wall  swells break into/onto the shallow part, deep preshallow is safer swells are breaking around the point and rolling to Schooners restaurant along the shore  swells are breaking in front and in back of us, but in 60' water, we just roll GENTLY  people on shore carry our dinghy behind  Schooner's stone wall  Ferry from St. Vincent anchors out with people still on board  12:30 squall line, a blast, then we face sw,w,w,nw  Ed discovers double anchor rode splice unraveled, lost two anchors  put chaffing hose on anchor rode with hose clamp  Moved lunch hook anchor to bow, but 45lb is really our last hope  Wendy asked if Ed could put engine together with what we have, yes.  Lenny refuses to turn NE and carries on toward St. Croix  Lenny's winds increase to 130g160, strong cat 4, storm of century  we swing at anchor between 60' and 25', little or no wind  Ed puts engine together, heat exchanger, hoses, clamps  Engine runs fine: good exhaust, salt water pump dripping in bilge!  Now WE know we can motor out of trouble,  but if anchor rode fails we would have to motor out and heave to.  Night is falling and more sailboats are coming in from the north  swells breaking on both sides of bay entrance and on all shores  there's a constant roar in the air  water is deep down the middle to us, no breakers here, just swells  sloop comes in, anchor down, drifts, anchor not touching bottom  he moves to better location and holds, man pees over rail for 3 min.  Pistachio comes in and anchors east of us in shallow water.  well onto shallows is okay, just onto shallows is dangerous  French catamaran comes in, anchors upbreeze of us, nuisance all night  night might have been relaxing but we had to watch him all night  sky clears some and first quarter moon shines on huge white breakers  boat mast top anchor lights look like a swarm of fireflies darting  Ed: if wall along the shore by Schooners stands up he gives credit  WE take two hour watches and feel sorry for our friends on Molasses in P.R.

 991118 Thursday: 7:30 in the morning swelling has reduced to 6 feet  Lenny's forward motion slowing to 3 kts. over Saba  Not out Anegada passage but over Saba looking at St. Martin  French catamaran ups anchor without tripping our anchor  Breakfast of softboiled eggs and marmalade bread.  Wendy to bed after 4:00  7:30 vigil, and listening to MadMax  Ferry boats are still anchored out and show no sign of moving in  Tug is way out, has pushed empty barge around all night  Dinghy appears to be safe beside Schooners under another dinghy  shore wall gone, part of road gone, cinder block wall lying in road  Schooners seawall gone, our dinghy behind big tank  people are walking the waterfront in a daze  16:00 Ferry goes in to town dock, two more go in, but none to StV  Caribbean net at 16:30 says Culebra okay.  we hear that airport road in St.Martin washed out by advance waves  18:00 we have dinner and listen to radio stations  991119 Friday: We are fine. Swelling down to 3 feet  Lost 3 anchors and dinghy broke loose and washed ashore, but okay  SPACESHIP survived with no damage.  We'll retrieve dinghy today and anchor when the water clears.


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