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Log of the SPACESHIP Earth, 991118
18 November 1999

  Thursday: Anchored in Admiralty Bay, Bequia, St. Vincent

    7:30 in the morning swelling has reduced to 6 feet  Lenny's forward motion slowing to 3 kts. over Saba  Not out Anegada passage but over Saba looking at St. Martin  French catamaran ups anchor without tripping our anchor  Breakfast of softboiled eggs and marmalade bread.  Wendy to bed after 4:00  7:30 vigil, and listening to Mad Max  Ferry boats are still anchored out and show no sign of moving in  Tug is way out, has pushed empty barge around all night  Dinghy appears to be safe beside Schooners under another dinghy  shore wall gone, part of road gone, cinder block wall lying in road  Schooners seawall gone, our dinghy behind big tank  people are walking the waterfront in a daze  16:00 Ferry goes in to town dock, two more go in, but none to St V  Caribbean net at 16:30 says Culebra okay.  we hear that airport road in St. Martin washed out by advance waves  18:00 we have dinner and listen to radio stations

   991119 Friday: We are fine. Swelling down to 3 feet  Lost 3 anchors and dinghy broke loose and washed ashore, but okay  SPACESHIP survived with no damage.  We'll retrieve dinghy today and anchor when the water clears.

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