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     Robert was not a pirate
         Edwin P. Cutler 7 December 1999

     Young Robert was not a pirate
     at least he never meant to be
     But strange things began to happen
     when he took his boat to sea

     The day before he left the dock
     he tripped and fell and got a scratch
     His mother wrapped a band around his head
     The doctor placed a black eye patch

     A passing car splashed oil, to paint
     a skull and crossbones on his chest
     So when he stepped onto his boat
     Young Robber was strangely dressed.

     Far at sea he met a boat
     The Captain asked where he was bound
     I've set my sights on far Cathay
     where gold and riches can be found

     He was naturally surprised when
     the fellow raised his sails and fled
     He had no idea that a pirate ship
     could cause such fear-filled dread

     Anchored off a desert island
     He saw a white flag flying
     And when he went ashore
     He found a damsel crying

     My little boat sprung a leak
     And I was forced to swim ashore
     You are my pirate hero
     And I shall love you evermore

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