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Sailing on the Bay
by Edwin Paul Cutler, a child's poem

The wind came calling at my door
Before the break of day.
Rattled at my sleepy window,
Inviting me to play.

Just as the sun peeked o'er the hill,
I hiked down to the quay
Where my little boat was waiting
To sail out on the bay.

With life vest snug around my chest
And lunchbox stowed below,
I waved goodbye to all on shore
And let the dockline go.

The morning breeze filled her sails;
Dashing waves splashed her bow.
We cut a wake across the bay,
Much like a farmer's plow.

I turned her headsail thru the wind
To take the starboard tack,
Then laughing with the happy gulls
Wind and I came sailing back.


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